For the second weekend in a row box office receipts came in ahead of last year, and a lot of it due to dinosaurs.

Up until last weekend’s huge success of Jurassic World, box office numbers were coming in far lower than last year. Now the dinosaurs are making everyone happy.

1. Jurassic World

Jurassic World had a stellar second weekend at the U.S. box office with an estimated $102 million dollar haul. This represents a decline of only 51 percent from its opening weekend. In movie talk anything 50 percent or below is considered a win, but considering the size of the film’s opening weekend numbers, 51 percent is precent is pretty much unheard of. The film is expected to surpass $400 million total in the U.S. on Monday as it now stood at $398.2 million as of Sunday.

At this point the announcement of a sequel is all but inevitable.

2. Inside Out

While Pixar’s Inside Out may have come in second in its opening weekend, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a record breaking opening. It scored the second highest opening weekend for Pixar with $91 million (the top spot goes to 2010’s Toy Story 3 with $110.3 million).

This weekend is also significant as it is the highest ever opening weekend for an original film. That is to say it has a story that is not based on any other source material or is a sequel to an existing property. The previous record holder was Avatar released in 2009 to an opening weekend of $77 million.

3. Spy

Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy, is still holding on and brought in $10.5 million this weekend for a new domestic total of $74.3 million. Globally it stands at $130.8 million off of an estimated budget of $65 million.

McCarthy’s films are never break out hits, but they always do well enough to turn a profit for the studios.

4. San Andreas

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a charm machine on two legs, and overseas audiences in particular love him. San Andreas brought in $8.24 million in its fourth weekend in the U.S. for a new box office total of $132.2 million.

As with most of Johnson’s films, the lion’s share is coming in from overseas where it has done an estimated $282 million to give San Andreas a global total of $414 million off of an estimated $110 million dollar budget.

5. Dope

Playing on a modest (by today’s standards) 2.002 screens, Dope opened in fifth place with $6 million dollars.