Jurassic Park, a previously announced dino adventure from Telltale and Universal, now has a release window. The 5 episode season of this title is set to begin releasing in April.

Telltale has manged to grab a hold of some extremely popular, exclusive licenses that will likely pay dividends in the long run. Film fans are seeing Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.; the former of the two series carries a massive cult following that's certain to translate to great sales for the point-and-click adventure company. Then, as we posted earlier, it was revealed that Telltale would be releasing seasons for popular non-capes & tights comics Fables and The Walking Dead.

It's not like Telltale is doing these franchises a disservice, either. The company has become known for running with well penned ideas and delivering products that are both fun to play and entertaining to ingest, two things that are not always synonymous with one another. So, here fans are treated to a completely unique imagining of their favorite properties by one single company. Telltale's set to make a ton of dough.

This Jurassic Park trailer does not feature much beyond character introductions, graphical reveals and basic plot points. Every Jurassic Park fan watching likely got chills when the shaving cream can with the hidden compartment sank into the mud. Fans do not, however, catch a glimpse of gameplay. It's probable, given the time of development, that the product will feature a blend of point-and-click and WASD based exploration, much like that in Back to the Future: The Game.

How that version of control will translate to the action sequences one would expect to find in Jurassic Park will soon be seen. And, given that information, maybe we can catch a glimpse of the way the company plans on handling more intense, zombie moments in The Walking Dead.

Jurassic Park is due this April, and Back to the Future: The Game's first two episode are available now.