NASA this week shared a new image snapped by its Juno spacecraft, giving us an incredible look at Jupiter’s tumultuous south pole. The image was taken earlier this month from an altitude of 63,400 miles above the planet’s cloud tops, NASA said.

The raw image taken by Juno actually looks a lot more boring than the one being promoted by NASA (you can see both in the gallery below). That’s because the picture, created by citizen scientist Roman Tkachenko, was enhanced in order to give it its brilliant colors and detail.

By enhancing the picture, we’re able to get a better look at Jupiter’s swirling atmosphere, which includes a few white oval storms at the planet’s edge. The large gas giant is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, lacking a well-defined solid surface, according to scientists.

You still don’t want to live there

Although it’s one of our solar system’s more violent planets, it’s also one of the more beautiful. I mean, just check out this stunning 4K video of the planet’s Great Red Spot. Although it has been enhanced, the image above again proves why Jupiter is such an enigma.