Broken iPhone 4 Screen

Did you trip on the curb and drop your iPhone? Did it fall into the toilet and crack on the porcelain? Did you accidentally roll over the iPhone 4 with your car? Hey, here's news: that's your fault. In other news, however, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila is knocking a bit of sense into consumers who thought it would be possible, even legal, to sue Apple over a shattered display.

Look, the company made a beautiful but fragile glass-covered phone. Glass: it shatters. "The shattered window of a storefront, the cracked windshielf of a car, and the chipped smartphone screen are routine encounters of modern existence," Judge Davila said. "It is a well known fact of life that glass can break under impact, even glass that has been reinforced."

Betsalel Williamson originally filed the case in 2011 after his case fell off of his armchair and shattered. Williamson had owned the phone for just two days and thought he had a strong argument against Apple since the company's head designer had said the glass was 30 times harder than plastic and "comparable in strength to sapphire crystal."

The iPhone 5, so far, appears to be made out of metal, so you won't have to worry about any shattering (we hope) for that much longer. In the meantime, invest in a case. Might we suggest something ballistic?

[via CNET]