Apple iPhone 5s Space Grey-Box-2

A judge in Brazil on Wednesday said Apple can legally use the iPhone name following a court ruling. After an exhaustive battle brought against Apple by Brazil’s IGB Electronica, which wanted exclusive rights to the name for an Android phone it didn’t launch until last year, the judge ruled in Apple’s favor due in large part to the iPhone’s “world renowned” reputation.

According to reports, the judge said giving exclusive rights to the Brazilian company wouldn’t be fair to Apple because of the work the Cupertino company has put into developing iPhone mindshare over the years. While Apple is likely pleased with the outcome, the judge did say the two can share the iPhone name in Brazil, which will certainly annoy executives on both sides.

The judge also apparently felt IGB’s “Gradiente iphone” was merely a suggestion of “internet” and “phone,” and Apple already had an extensive lineup of “i” products across the world. This isn’t the first time Apple has faced resistance for its iPhone name in foreign countries; the company also did battle over the iPhone name in Mexico earlier this year. Following the case’s outcome, IGB said it plans on appealing the decision.