Apple vs Samsung - 300

Yesterday, Apple cried foul after Samsung decided to provide press with documents that the company was barred from including in its arguments against the iPhone maker. Apple was so furious, in fact, that it demanded a win in the case and severe sanctions against Samsung. Now, Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the case, is offering her opinion on the matter.

According to Forbes, Koh said the actions of Samsung attorney John Quinn, who approved the release of the documents to the press, enabled a "real and present danger" that Samsung was trying to "taint the jury." The jury is not allowed to view press articles and can only take the evidence presented in the courtroom into account. Koh asked the each juror if he or she read any news stories about the trial, Forbes said, but it's unclear what their responses are. We're guessing they didn't, otherwise it would mean at least one member of the jury was tainted with outsider information.

Koh obviously isn't too pleased with Samsung's actions. "I will not let any theatrics or any sideshow distract from what we are here to do," Koh said. She also denied Apple's request for "severe sanctions" and a win in the case, but said Samsung may face "other consequences" following the conclusion of the four-week trial

[via Forbes]