AppleTrackingLocationAnother chapter is being written in Apple’s never-ending book of legal trouble. AllThingsD reports that a California judge has given the thumbs up in a class action lawsuit against the Cupertino company because of last year’s location tracking debacle.

District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Apple will indeed be required to face the music for collecting user location data without express permission, even when location services were turned off. The first order of business in the trial will be the “discovery phase,” which will order Apple to turn over relevant documents to the plaintiffs’ legal team by May 17, AllThingsD reports.

Accusations hit Apple hard last year when its devices were caught collecting, storing and syncing unencrypted data regarding a user’s location. In essence, it was as close as Apple could get to tracking a user’s every move. The company first denied the claims, and then argued that none of the plaintiffs have been able to prove that they suffered any injury due to being tracked.

More information will most certainly turn up around the May 17 date, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

[via AllThingsD]