Facebook Sponsored Stories

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg recently gave Facebook’s proposed legal settlement a thumbs down. The social network originally proposed that it will give its users additional control in how and where Facebook can use their personal information, Reuters explained, but the Judge doesn’t think that’s enough of a punishment. Seeborg asked Facebook for additional information on its proposal and also suggested that Facebook consider awarding financial restitution to the users who filed a lawsuit.

Facebook, for its part, doesn’t necessarily agree with the Judge’s rejection. “We continue to believe the settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate,” a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters. “We appreciate the court’s guidance and look forward to addressing the questions raised in the order.” Sounds like Facebook doesn’t really feel like it needs to cough up any money to its users, but we kind of disagree.

Facebook was charged for using personal information in its “Sponsored Stories” posts, which it makes money from through advertising. As such, it would make sense that those affected by the security breach make a little dough from Facebook’s mishap. Five Facebook users filed the original suit, but more than 100 million “potential class members,” are involved, Reuters said. That could mean big dough for Facebook if the Judge gets his way.

[via Reuters]