Apple VS Samsung-9

Apple recently won more than $1 billion in its infamous back-and-forth legal battle with Samsung. Despite the conclusion of that case (for now), Judge Lucy Koh said she can not lift the current U.S. injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Apple originally accused Samsung of creating "copy cat" devices that, it argued, purposely tricked consumers into thinking they were purchasing an Apple product. The Cupertino-based company ultimately won an injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 back in June. Less than a month later, the company asked for a lift on the ban, but its request was dismissed. However, as CNET explains, Samsung was found not guilty of infringing on the Apple design patent that was used to issue the injunction. So, technically, it should be able to sell the tablet again.

Koh said that a mandate from a Federal Court, not a U.S. District Court, is required before the ban can be lifted. "Under all circumstances, Samsung's motion raises a substantial issue, and the Court therefore issues such an indicative ruling," Koh said in a recent statement. Samsung issued a statement in August originally asking for a lift on the injunction.

"The Jury's verdict demonstrates that Apple's predictions about what the jury would do as to the D'889 (the design patent) were wrong and that the injunction entered on that basis therefore can no longer be maintained," the South Korea-based firm argued.

[via CNET]