Motorola-AppleA judge over the weekend denied a motion from Motorola to toss out a dispute with Apple over an important touchscreen heuristics patent, according to FOSSPatents. Apple filed a document detailing the judge’s decision to deny Motorola’s summary judgement motion of noninfringement, which is seen as a huge win for Apple and “very favorable to [its] strategic interests,” patent expert Florian Mueller of FOSSPatents explained. The two companies have a very significant trial that’s planned to start in the next two months, and it looks like Motorola may be found guilty of infringing on this particular touchscreen patent. That means the handset maker could be forced to settle with the Cupertino company. The other patents up for the court’s consideration include the ‘263, ‘002, and ‘647 patents. Apple and Motorola haven’t been shy about tangling in the legal realm; the companies most recently scuffled over Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

[via FOSS Patents]