Google Oracle

Like Apple and Samsung, Oracle and Google have been fighting in court against one another. Judge William Aslup ruled in May that Google was guilty of infringing on Oracle’s patents. Later, a jury ruled that Google actually didn’t infringe on the patents. The case proceedings aren’t yet over, however. So what’s up? Well, Aslup thinks something fishy could be up.

Judge Aslup on Tuesday asked Google and Oracle to confess whether or not they paid off bloggers or commenters, essentially destroying their integrities, during the case. The jury shouldn’t have access to outside media during a trial, however.

“The Court is concerned that the parties and/or counsel herein may have retained or paid print or internet authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers who have and/or may publish comments on the issues in this case,” Aslup wrote in a statement Tuesday. “Although proceedings in this matter are almost over, they are not fully over yet and, in any event, the disclosure required by this order would be of use on appeal or on any remand to make clear whether any treatise, article, commentary or analysis on the issues posed by this case are possibly influenced by financial relationships to the parties or counsel.”

Judge Aslup has asked that each side file a statement disclosing anyone who has covered the case and who has been paid by Google or Oracle, or the legal teams backing both firms.

[via CNET]