Jenova Chen, Creative Director of Thatgamecompany, has written on the PlayStation.Blog that Journey will not see a release until spring of 2012. It was initially believed that this title would drop sometime towards the end of the 2011 calendar year.

It seems, however, that the team wants to polish it up a bit more before fully unleashing it to fans. Here’s Chen:

For the past few months, we kept getting asked about Journey’s release date. Yes, we haven’t said anything about our release in a while mainly because we really couldn’t tell. And we don’t want to throw out a date that we are not sure about, and later disappoint our players.

Chen went on to indicate that the previous closed beta for the game went exceptionally well. Fans have been commenting a bit about how strong the game seems in terms of narrative nature, style and play, but we assume that Chen also meant that the beta went well on a technical level. However, he did not specify:

Fortunately, the online beta went very well, and our continued playtests have given us great feedback on the work we have left to complete. While there is still a ton of care and polish needed, we can’t wait to finally deliver Journey, TGC’s take on an online adventure game.

The promise of a unique online adventure game from the minds of flOw and Flower is one we can’t help getting excited for.

We published our exclusive interview with Journey‘s music composer, Austin Wintory, over the weekend. Be sure to check it out to get his take on the game and an understanding of how influential the musical portion of the product is.

The good news here, we suppose, is that Journey‘s move to 2012 means that we’ll all have a little more money to spend on the absolutely absurd amount of stellar games still set to release this holiday. In a way, we owe Thatgamecompany some thanks.

Our emotions have confused us.

We’ll have more on Journey for the PlayStation 3 as it comes.

[via PlayStation.Blog]