Thatgamecompany will see its three PlayStation 3 downloadable titles bundled up into one collection later this year. That collection will include Journey, Flower and flOw. It will also include a bevy of epic virtual goods, as shown off in the clip at the head of this post.

If you're a PlayStation 3 owner and you've yet to experience any of thatgamecompany's titles, know that this is fantastic opportunity to do so. Each game was released to a reception of praise and adoration, and thatgamecompany has become a fan-favorite amongst all the small studios that have published below Sony's banner.

Thatgamecompany was originally contracted to make three separate games for Sony. That's done now. We're not sure what their up to for their next project, but an announcement will likely be made in the coming months.

A price point has not been set. This collection will go on sale on August 28th in the U.S. A price point has not been set.  It is not currently planned to launch in Europe.