Two of the more thought provoking and critically adored PSN games that hit the PlayStation 3 are set to make the generational jump to the PlayStation 4. Those games, as the headline of this story clearly indicates, are The Unfinished Swan and Journey.

The news comes from two separate outlets, both PlayStation managed. Sony dropped this tweet:

Then, the PlayStation Blog played host to words from Journey developer thatgamecompany's Jenovah Chen and The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow's Ian Dallas.

We'll start with a bit from Chen:

Today we are happy to share that a whole new generation of players will experience the wonder of Journey when it comes to PlayStation 4 later this year.

Thanks to the heartfelt efforts of fellow developers Tricky Pixels, players new and old alike will share in the beloved Journey experience in visually stunning 1080p. More details about Journey's release on PlayStation 4 are in the works for future announcement.

Here's Dallas:

The Unfinished Swan is about awe and wonder — the kind you experience as a child when reading a book for the first or even tenth time. We hope to inspire this same feeling in people that are new to the game or have already enjoyed it on PS3.

We want to thank the folks at Armature Studio, who did all the work to bring the game to PS4. They put a ton of effort in to make it look amazing, including going back to the original art files and regenerating higher resolution versions.

The posts did not include news about retroactive Cross-Buy. With Flower and fl0w, two games from thatgamecompany that made the generational jump to the PlayStation 4, owning the PS3 versions of both got players free access on the PS4.

However! An official European trailer for Journey on the PS4 does announce Cross-Buy. That video sits directly above this paragraph. The description reads as follows:

Get more for your money with Cross-Buy – purchase this game for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and get the other version at no extra cost.

We hope that applies internationally and to both The Unfinished Swan and Journey.

We'll have more on both titles as it comes.