I had no idea what Jotun was until I walked by it this past spring at PAX East 2015. The artstyle caught my eye, as displayed in the trailer above and the gallery below, but the concept had me playing the demo during an otherwise busy convention.

Here’s what I said in my preview way back then.

The phrase I heard kicked around a lot while I was standing in front of Jotun‘s booth waiting for a shot to play ran something like, “it’s a hand drawn Shadow of the Colossus with a viking spin…”

…I took on the Winter Jotun during my time with the game. Things were going really, really well until I chipped his health down to the halfway points. That’s when the snow on the mountain gave way to ice, and the angry giant had the advantage of battling Thora without traction.

I didn’t win.

Now the closed beta has released, and the team has dropped a new video to celebrate. The game still looks gorgeous and brutally difficult.

We have access to the beta, so we’ll give it a spin and let you know what we think in the coming days.