According to Variety, Whedon is in talks to write, produce and direct a Batgirl movie that will be set in the DCEU. Batgirl is one of the most popular characters from DC comics, but a standalone movie revolving around her has never materialized until now.

Whedon put together the first two Avengers films. The first led to widespread praise and record-breaking numbers but the latter led to negative backlash that soured Whedon on making Marvel movies. He hasn't returned to the franchise since.

Batgirl would also include other Gotham characters, but no word of which ones yet. Maybe a Batman cameo? I'd just hope it'd be better than his Suicide Squad cameo.

This a smart move for DC and Joss Whedon

Making Batgirl makes a lot of sense for Whedon. Although it would likely carry a big budget, it would present the chance for him to create another comic book movie that revolves around a singular character that he can gradually develop. The Avengers movies were always a toss up of how to balance screen time between all the protagonists, leaving little room for character development.

It would be exciting to see what Whedon can do with a character like Batgirl if he does indeed sign on for the movie.