After numerous delays due to a host of reasons, the JooJoo tablet computer, formerly known as the CrunchPad, from FusionGarage is shipping this week, just days before the release of Apple’s long anticipated iPad.  With the 800-lbs gorilla coming at them at top speed, screaming its anger, how can the JooJoo possibly survive in the face of this competition?  Is it even possible?

We’ve already covered why the JooJoo has no chance, but the company is certainly going to try to place itself in the marketplace any way you can, no matter how much we may already think that it is doomed.  So what can it do to get itself a foothold in the market?

joojooscreenGet A Deal With A Retailer

The biggest leg up the iPad has is that no matter if anyone lives near an Apple Store or a Best Buy, they already know how the device operates.  Even though Apple is going to have a shortage when the item first ships, people are still going to be ordering it for later delivery because they don’t even have to think twice about how it works.  If they have ever touched an iPhone or iPod Touch, they know it.

The JooJoo’s biggest issue for right now is that it is a $499 device that people have no clue how it is going to respond to their use.  There are no demo videos even on the official site right now, and even the landing page shows the original operating system screen right now, and not the one we picture with this article.  They have to get the device somewhere where people can feel it, see it and get to know it.

Get Mainstream Coverage

Tech bloggers have talked endlessly about this device, but doing a Google News search on JooJoo shows me coverage only from those sources.  There is nothing from ABC News, USA Today, The New York Times and so on.  (To be fair, I know that The New York Times covered it at some point, but I don’t remember anything since the launch)  You of course can’t just demand coverage, they have to think it’s worthy of it, but if FusionGarage doesn’t go after it, they are going to have a difficult time getting orders from any more than those who are fervent blog readers.

The biggest issue for them is going to be with them shipping just a few days before the iPad, the JooJoo is going to get lost in the onslaught of iPad reviews, headlines, speculation on the next version, which apps are hot and on and on.  While they can say they beat the iPad to market, it might all be for naught.

It’s All About Not Getting Lost

Essentially it all boils down to that FusionGarage has to make sure it doesn’t become a footnote in the coming age of tablets.  Beyond the iPad, it seems every one and their brother is releasing a tablet in the coming months, and they will have to fight them all off.  No matter how good the device is, if they don’t get some notice, it may all be for a lost cause.

What say you?  How can JooJoo carve out some marketshare for itself?