Apple took the step toward to the future with the iPhone X. Announced back in September, it hits stores last week and a lot has been said of the device. Regardless if its good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because the device will “change and evolve” moving forward, according to renowned Apple designer Jony Ive.

Ive, famous for designing some of Apple’s most iconic products, is now in charge of designing the iPhone X. In the latest issue of the design and architecture magazine, Wallpaper, he opened up about what his focus was when coming up with the idea for the iPhone X and what he expects from it moving forward.

“I’ve always been fascinated by these products that are more general purpose,” pondered Ive. “What I think is remarkable about the iPhone X is that functionality is so determined by software. And because of the fluid nature of software, this product is going to change and evolve. In 12 months’ time, this object will be able to do things that it can’t now.”

It’s interesting Ive revealed the iPhone X’s functionality is predicated on software, because this is the first iPhone that exclusively works through software. Before, the main interaction with an iPhone was the home button; now it’s gestures that navigate through iOS.

The latter part is also noteworthy. One of the most polarizing takeaways from the iPhone X is that some of its gestures and in turn, its usability, feel a little awkward. By letting it be known that it can “change and evolve” as time goes on, this possibly pulls back the veil on Apple’s willingness to adopt new gestures and features for the iPhone X in the future.