iOS 7 on iPhone 4S - WWDC 2013

Ahead of Apple's big WWDC conference in June, CEO Tim Cook confirmed—as if we didn't already know—that Jony Ive is a big part of iOS 7. The past few months have been heavy with iOS revamp reports, many of which claim the software will have a much flatter appearance compared to years past. Cook didn't indicate what changes we might expect, but called Ive's input "absolutely incredible."

Having been the brainchild behind some of Apple's most iconic designs, Cook said it was finally time Ive used his talents for software. After the ouster of skeuomorph frontiersman Scott Forstall, Ive was quickly tasked with ridding Apple's iOS and OS X platforms of any remaining leather stitching. Translation: less gradients, beveled edges, reflections and shadows. What we might get is more black and white tones, and less visual cues of the physical world.

We're only a few weeks away from seeing how Ive has changed the look and feel of iOS, and Cook is casually hyping the redesign up. There's definitely pressure on Apple to deliver a familiar yet fresh experience to its mobile OS, especially since the look hasn't strayed too far from when iOS first hit. Ive is certainly capable of some incredible stuff, so this year's WWDC will be particularly exciting.