Last year we got a first look at the new Jony Ive Apple Store design when one opened in Belgium. Now the same redesign has arrived in the U.S., starting with a store in Germantown, Tennessee.

The highlight of the store is a giant 37-foot display that apparently costs $1.5 million. The screen, which sits directly across from the main glass entrance, may mostly serve as a digital billboard. In the photos above it’s actually promoting the iPad Pro.

The new Apple Store also features a specially designed set of wooden tables created by Jony Ive. Each table offers hidden USB ports and electrical outlets that are controlled by motion sensors and pop out automatically. These tables will be installed in the company’s stores worldwide.

Other highlights from the new design include a wooden wall with built in shelves and a special rack for displaying new headphones. The outside of the store is also completely free of logos, matching the minimalist style that Jony Ive is famous for.

It still looks like an Apple Store, but there are also plenty of changes to be seen. We’re definitely looking forward to checking out the new design for ourselves once Apple upgrades a store that’s a little closer to home.