As promised, 60 Minutes took us behind the scenes at Apple HQ last night. The feature didn’t reveal much about the company’s future, but it did offer a pretty interesting look at the studio where Apple’s design chief Jony Ive creates new products.

The first thing you’ll notice about the secret studio is that it looks almost identical to an Apple Store, which makes sense since both were designed by Ive. It’s a big modern room with lots of windows and large wooden tables. The only difference is these tables are covered in future products, which the company decided to hide underneath big grey sheets while the cameras were rolling.

We also get a look at the many steps involved in designing the Apple Watch. The process starts in Ive’s sketchbook, before being recreated with a computer. Then the company machines down a piece of aluminum and polishes it by hand to create a physical prototype. Even individual colors are tested at the Cupertino facility before mass production orders can go out.

60 Minutes also learned just how seriously Apple takes the iPhone’s camera. It turns out the company has 800 engineers working on the component, which is actually made up of 200 individual parts. Apple can also test each camera in a controlled room to see how it performs in every possible situation.

The segment also includes interviews with CEO Tim Cook, services chief Eddie Cue, retail chief Angela Ahrendts and more. You can watch the entire video below.