Jonny Quest, a show from the 1960s with a small but loyal following, is getting the live-action treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Development is in the early stages, with no real timeline or actors involved. However, the report claims Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is in line to direct, with Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean) set to help Rodriguez with writing a script.

The original primetime cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera and introduced back in 1964. The classic show followed Jonny and his father as they went on adventures across the globe; other regulars included Hadji, Jonny’s best friend, a bodyguard named Roger Bannon, and Bandit, an adorable little dog. The show featured what any kid’s show about a young traveler would feature: robots, mummies, secret bases and more.

Although it lasted for just one season, Jonny Quest was beloved by the public, and only went off air because it became too expensive to produce. A few revivals came to light in the 80s and 90s, but nothing that lasted for a significant amount of time. While his name is known in popular culture, Jonny Quest’s adventures are less familiar. The way Hollywood has been rebooting everything lately, it’s no surprise to see Quest return yet again.

Any thoughts on a potential actor to play the role? At one point, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Zac Efron was in line, but things didn’t pan out.