The Witness, the next game from Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, finally has a release date. It seems like the game’s been in development for just short of forever.

Admittedly, when Braid hit, it was a surprise and helped kickstart the influx of smaller games on consoles back then. It’s rendered in two dimensions and clocks in at only a few hours (if you don’t get horribly stuck on the tougher puzzles). The Witness, on the other hand, is a fully first person game that Blow estimates will take about 20 hours to complete a basic run-through with minimum completion, with a 100 percent completion taking as much as 100 hours. It’s not really a surprise that it’s taken way longer to complete.

Finally, though, we have a firm release date for the game for the first time since it was said to be a PlayStation 4 launch game. The Witness will release on January 26, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.