Tim Cook was in the hot seat recently, as U.S. senators questioned the executive about Apple's tax practices. Of course The Daily Show's Jon Stewart couldn't let the opportunity for comedy pass him by, so he weighed in with his own special brand of color commentary.

Stewart was in rare form, doing what he does best — poking fun at all sides of this inquiry. Best part? Stewart calling out the tech CEO for advocating simplicity by throwing the company's lengthy Terms of Service onto the screen.

Apologies for the fuzzy YouTube video above. The Daily Show also offers a Flash video, embedded below.

In related news, Apple is reportedly pumping twice the money into lobbying this year than last.

The company spent about $2 million on lobbying last year, up from $180,000 in 1999, records show. This year it is on pace to nearly double last year's figure.

Apple's lobbying expenditures still pale in comparison with those of Microsoft Corp., which spent $8.1 million in 2012, and Google, which spent $16.5 million, records show.