Jon Rettinger - Office Space

You know him from years of videos on YouTube, but just how much do you know about what Jon Rettinger thinks on the state of the tech blogging industry?

Our own Jon Rettinger recently sat down with the folks from NewMediaRockstars to talk about a wide range of subjects from the weirdest item he's ever been sent to review, to his feelings on how other sites handle reviews of new products.  It is easily the most candid interview he's ever given, and even the TechnoBuffalo staff learned some things we didn't know.  If you've ever wondered about the deeper story behind the launch of TechnoBuffalo, how we decide what content to run and more, this is definitely the interview for you to read.

Be sure to head over to NewMediaRockstars to check it out.

Also fun, the video you see below that accompanies the interview.  We do have to warn you, the music in it is not safe for work.

And on the off chance you aren't a fan of Office Space, check out the scene this video is based on.