Help WantedTechnoBuffalo President Jon Rettinger went on CNBC's Street Signs on April 29th to talk about the current hiring boom going on amongst technology companies.

Not since the tech boom of the late 1990's and early 2000's has the industry seen a hiring spree like the one going on right now.  We're back to the age of perks where you can find shuttle service, espresso bars, doctor's appointments and a whole lot more.  Not only are the perks coming back, but so are the starting salaries that can see you easily get into the six digits coming right out of college.

With technology infiltrating every nook and cranny of our lives, this really isn't that shocking.  Despite the down economy of the past few years, technology has just kept steamrolling along, getting better, faster and cheaper, making it still palatable to pick up a new phone despite businesses closing.  Where it was once parents hoping their children would grow up to be a doctor or lawyer, now they're hoping for programmers and engineers.

Can it last?  Who knows.  Hopefully people have learned from the bursting of the original dot com bubble on how to get through the rough times and not over extend themselves from the get go.  Google used to be famous for its perks, but even that company has cut back on some of them over the years, so you can't count on those lasting forever when you try to pick a company to work for.

These are definitely interesting times for the tech industry once again.

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