Now that the iPad 2 has been introduced, it's time for the analysis of what this means for the customers, Apple and, possibly most importantly, its stock value. Our own Jon Rettinger went on CNBC's Squawk on the Street this morning to discuss all of these matters.

One of the most interesting surprises yesterday was that Apple kept the pricing of the iPad 2 exactly the same as the previous generation.  While not an unusual move for the company, considering the amount of new hardware involved with two cameras being added, a bigger speaker and a beefier processor, you have to suspect that the cost of manufacturing went up.  While it's well known that Apple makes a killing on its products, this has to be lowering their profit margins at least a bit.  While this could impact most companies stock value, this is Apple we're talking about after all, and they could very well make it up in volume sales.  Steve Jobs reported yesterday that Apple sold 15 million iPads last year, and when you factor in those people that will upgrade this year, the people who held out for the cameras and those that are just deciding to get a tablet, it's not difficult to imagine that they will sell far more than that this year.

What will happen to Apple's stock price?  We've been seeing it in record territory for a while now, and the offering of an iPad that is more in line with what consumers wanted from day one should do nothing but push it even higher.

What do you think?  Will a higher cost to produce the iPad have any impact on Apple's stock price?