There is a clear battle coming on between the folks at Google and Facebook as they vie for your social networking dollar.  Many have clearly chosen their winner and who they're sticking with, however for many, they're still debating on whether Google or Facebook will win them over in the long run.

CNET's Caroline McCarthy worded it perfectly in a blog post saying, "There's a requisite chaos to the "hacker culture" that has been central to the rise of both Google and Facebook: cobble something together, fueled by Red Bull and pizza, until it works; keep changing it and improving it, lest a competitor jump in and create something better; and if for some reason it doesn't work, just do away with it altogether. From both the inside and the outside, it can look quite messy."

On Friday December 31st, New Years Eve, Jon Rettinger headed on CNBC's Street Signs discussing this upcoming battle.

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