Jolla made headlines last year with its first tablet, a crowd-funded tablet running Sailfish OS. Now the company has some big news to share, though it's not a new device.

Instead, Jolla is splitting into two separate companies. The first, Jolla Ltd., will focus on developing and licensing Sailfish OS. Meanwhile, a second unnamed firm will deal with the hardware side of the equation, though we won't know what this gadget-maker is called until sometime after the summer.

"Every young company has to find its clear focus at some time and for Jolla that time is now," said Antti Saarnio, who will lead Jolla Ltd. He adds that the firm is ready to push Sailfish OS to new frontiers as it continues to grow in functionality and popularity.

Additionally, the company notes that its Jolla Tablet is still set to ship to Indiegogo backers "as soon as possible." Saarnio adds that development has been slowed down by issues on the hardware side, which may explain why it's splitting into two separate parts.

Whether Jolla can actually compete with Apple, Google, Samsung and rest of the mobile leaders remains to be seen. For now, Sailfish OS is still just a tiny underdog operating system and the Jolla Tablet is just a crowd-funded device that hasn't still hasn't shipped. Maybe things will start to change following Tuesday's announcement.