Last week, veteran game designer John Romero teased a return to game creation and the first-person shooter. Today, he’s back with Blackroom, a shooter with all the sensibilities of an old school game.

The team has taken to Kickstarter in hopes of gathering $700,000 to fund the game, which they describe as “a mixture of exploration, speed, and intense weaponized combat,” with an emphasis on trademark moves from Quake‘s early days like rocket-jumping and circle-strafing.

If funded, Night Work Games intends to ship a 10-hour campaign with a small group of classic multiplayer modes and deep mod support.

The fiction behind the game has us stepping into the futuristic body armor of an engineer named Santiago Sonora at a company called Hoxar. The company creates holographic environments and, in true Star Trek style, something goes wrong and the results start spilling over into the real world. As Sonora, you’ll have the ability to hack the world around you to modify it.

The premise gives room for some pretty cool ideas and varied environments. If the game gets funded, I hope Romero and his team will be able to deliver on the promises. Romero’s pedigree certainly guarantees a fast-paced, twitch-heavy shooter.

The Kickstarter for the game is active now and has 32 days left to go. At the time of writing, it’s pulled in about $90,000 of its $700,000 goal.