All of us who were there have our own thoughts on Hollywood's original take on the Super Mario Bros, but none of us can say we weren't excited beforehand.

I remember walking away confused and a little weirded out as a kid, but I haven't seen it recently enough to give the flick a modern day view.

Another person who remembers the film is actor John Leguizamo, who famously portrayed Mario's younger brother, Luigi. During a specially planned screening at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles, Leguizamo introduced the film and reminisced about a few anecdotes from the film shoot, which is generally remembered as horrible for everyone involved.

Ultimately though, Leguizamo is happy the film ended up with such a long lasting appeal, for good or ill, and was pleased to have taken part in such a huge piece of gaming history.

Now if only he could learn to pronounce "Mario" correctly. It's been 20 years man!

How old were you when the Super Mario Bros. movie was released? Any pleasant memories? Any nightmares? If you've never seen the film, be sure to check out Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive for the most extensive coverage of the film. Seriously, these guys love this movie. A lot.