When you’re watching the music video for John Legend’s latest song, realize that it was shot entirely on the Pixel 2.

Google announced that the award-winning artist gave his creative team the 2018 flagship to capture every scene. The company sat down for a brief interview with Legend, covering the reason why he wanted to use the Pixel 2 to shoot the music video and how technology is reshaping the way content is created.

Aside from thinking it’d be cool to use a phone rather than professional equipment, Legend pointed out the meaning of his song “A Good Night.” The singer and songwriter explained the song is about meeting someone you immediately connect with and envisioning a future together. He added that, because apps are such an important part of dating (and all interaction now), it’d be neat to bring in a phone to shoot the music video.

The creative team was impressed by how “seamless” and “natural” the experience on the Pixel 2 can be. Some members pointed out how using a phone can make content creation much more accessible for everyone.

Legend also said he uses the Pixel 2 in his everyday life:

“I love using Pixel to talk to Chrissy and Luna when I’m on the road. We love Duo for video calling. The Pixel camera takes amazing photos and videos too.

I’m a big Google fan so it’s also nice to have a phone that integrates all Google apps so seamlessly. I use Google Docs, Maps, Drive, Calendar and others all the time. It’s great to have a phone made for those apps.

Sure, that sounds like it was written by a publicist. But there’s no denying any of that as the truth. The Pixel 2 is downright incredible. Google’s managed to create a complete smartphone.

Watch the behind the scenes clip here:

This isn’t the first time the entertainment industry has called on technology for some help. Last year, Steven Soderbergh announced he would release a film shot on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus start to finish. The film, called Unsane, was released last month in a limited number of theaters.