Job Simulator. The name itself sounds like a joke. The game is funny, no doubt about that. But Job Simulator; boring, right?


I've played around two or three dozen VR games. You can spread that number over the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. I've only encountered the HTC Vive in quick stints at conventions.

Of the 30-ish games that I've played, Job Simulator is easily among the best. The game is wonderfully goofy, and it's a perfect showcase for what virtual reality can be today.

There are other great games out there; but, Job Simulator is easily the best VR game to show to friends and family with the launch of PlayStation VR.

You will need Move Controllers and a PlayStation Camera for this game.

Get back to work, silly human!

As you slide on the headset and step into the virtual world, you'll have a choice between four jobs. You can be an office worker, a gourmet chef, a store clerk or an auto mechanic.

In each job, you stand in a 3D space and complete tasks. Maybe you check your email, make a sandwich, fix a car or use a strange machine to make jumbo hot dogs. Like, jumbo hot dogs. It's all done with the Move Controllers, each representing one of your hands in the virtual space.

Developer Owlchemy Labs explained on the PlayStation Blog that they spent "an inordinate amount of time focusing on getting your hands in VR feeling 'right.'" They largely did.

PlayStation VR is limited by how much playable space it can capture. Unlike HTC Vive, which can capture a full room, PS VR captures what's in front of the camera. That means your hands work until they dip out of frame. That happens often as you lean and reach about a job site. The moment is jarring, and it stands in stark contrast with the rest of the game.

Otherwise, objects behave like they should. You can grab a grape choice bottle, pop the cork and drink its contents. You can shake a soda bottle so much it explodes and flies around the room. If you see it, most of the time you can do it, and that adds not only to the immersion but the comedy as well.


Now, produce comedy!

The jobs aren't difficult by any stretch of the imagination. Job Simulator is about taking remedial tasks, giving players ridiculous tools and letting them goof off.

Take the recycling bin with a backboard that spurts out confetti whenever you make a shot.

There's a machine that lets you copy anything in the office simulation. It's hilarious.

But, by the fourth straight hour of Job Simulator solo, the game started to wear out its welcome. Don't be like me, friends. Take breaks. Spread this game out over weeks, not days.

Even better, invite friends and family to have a go.

I offered in this headline that Job Simulator is "one of the best games to show off VR." I'll stand by that.

Everyone has some concept of cooking food, working a desk job and being a cashier. Job Simulator takes those familiar concepts and puts them in a cartoony, virtual space. It's friendly and comfortable, and the writing and dialogue are engaging and hilarious.

Even if you've never played a VR game, it works. You'll almost immediately reach, grab, place and even throw objects in Job Simulator. It works in an obvious fashion, and it's so good that those who play it will click with the game.

Have VR? Buy Job Simulator.

I played Job Simulator on PlayStation VR. It's already available to HTC Vive owners, and it will sell on the Oculus platform once Oculus Touch launches this December.

The game is $29.99 on all platforms. It's worth the price. Once you complete each job, you'll unlock mods like low gravity and bouncy objects. That's when the different fun begins, especially if you intend to stream the game.


Disclaimer: We received a code for Job Simulator from Sony.