That monstrous GoPro rig introduced at I/O last week is apparently just the beginning of Google’s VR ambitions. The search giant is seemingly on the prowl for an entire team of engineers dedicated to virtual reality, possibly for the purpose of building its own state-of-the-art camera system.

Several job listings, spotted by Variety, indicate that Google is going to further explore the possibilities of Jump, which is a new program that standardizes everything involved with creating VR content. Google demonstrated how this would work onstage last week, and it was more than mind blowing. With the right hardware, and some clever software, anyone will have the tools to create immersive VR video—just what we always wanted.

Right now, the only Jump-ready camera array is made by GoPro, offering a rig that includes 16 HERO4 models packed into a single system. But it appears Google doesn’t want to rely solely on GoPro’s camera array, and instead might build something of its own. A number of job listings on LinkedIn seem to back this theory up, including one for a hardware engineer, VR camera systems.

What if Google made an affordable camera array that anyone could use? With Jump coming to YouTube, and new Cardboard viewers soon to flood the market, the VR possibilities are endless. In addition to a hardware engineer, Google is also looking for a virtual reality software engineer, and an image tuning and quality evaluation engineer.

The only real way that VR will be a thing is if there’s content. If Google does wind up building an array that consumers can buy—or at least one available to filmmakers—VR could go from sci-fi dream to groundbreaking reality overnight.