After director Todd Phillips shared a first look at actor Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker makeup, we now have video of him in action. A video from the film’s set has leaked, showcasing a chaotic scene in which the actor is seen donning the iconic makeup—but what’s happening in the background might be even more interesting.

While much of the information about the film centers on Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck descending into madness as Joker, it looks like he’ll find himself at the center of a political uprising.

Look at the signs held up by the mob in the background—they tell us that many of Gotham’s citizens are fed up with the rich and will therefore go to great lengths to rebalance the distribution of wealth.

“Kill the rich,” one sign reads. Other signs read “Blame Wayne” and “Clown4Mayor.”

These signs clearly show that a contingent of the public start looking to the Joker as a savior of sorts, someone who can help usher in change. That’s not usually how we perceive the character, but this movie doesn’t seem like a typical Joker tale.

Either that or the Joker only thinks he’s starting a revolution, but is too delusional to realize he’s part of the problem.