Jimmy Iovine Beats

Jimmy Iovine is feeling pretty good a little over a month after Apple Music first launched. Apple recently revealed that it's already racked up 11 million subscribers for its free trial, but in a new interview Iovine says he's just getting started.

Speaking to Wired UK, the Beats co-founder talked about what still needs work and what the competition is doing wrong. He also continued to push the importance of human curation, and suggested Apple could bring a similar strategy to Apple TV.

"We all have different television delivery systems," Iovine said. "Don't we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service?" He added that the experience of picking a movie to watch on Netflix can be overwhelming. So we might see the same curation featured in Apple Music applied to Apple TV, though Iovine won't be leading that effort.

As for Apple Music, Iovine admits that it's still a work in progress. Connect, which lets you follow artists inside the app, needs to be improved in particular. "That will be the piece of the service that comes along last, or later, and we have some real plans," he said. "We're building it out a lot more. It needs a lot of technical work as well."

For now Connect is mostly just a place to find Apple Music exclusives. Whether the company can convince people to check in regularly is still up for debate, but we're curious to see what Iovine and his team have planned.