Part of the Jet Set Radio experience, as I'm sure a lot of gamers will attest, is the music of the game. In fact, I think it's worth arguing that the heart and soul of the Jet Set Radio we remember was its soundtrack.

The trailer above features one of the original tunes from this fan-favorite title. It sports the song behind a small segment of in-game footage. Sega indicates that fans should "Stay Tuned," which we assume means that we'll be learning a lot more about the remake's soundtrack in the coming weeks.

Rob Zombie, however, never really stood out as my favorite tune from the title. I'll assume I'm not alone on that front.

Still! With Sega launching trailers dedicated to the slow reveal of music from the game, we can only hope that they're starting off with some of the lesser music. Perhaps the best jams in the experience are still to be named. If that's the case, color us excited.