Sega teased the return of a franchise with a 22 second video clip on YouTube that presented a mix of familiar beats and a particular logo. That tease has now been confirmed as Sega has announced that Jet Set Radio will see an HD update on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows PC Digital Download this summer.

The first screenshot above and the remaining samples below are a taste of what this game will look like in HD once it drops. Correct us if we’re wrong, but the cel-shading done for the title lends itself perfectly an HD upgrade. We haven’t seen it in motion yet, but we’re already in love.

Furthermore, when Sega announced this new game officially, they include a little contest for fans in the US and UK. Here are the details, as per Sega:

SEGA has also announced an upcoming contest that will let US and UK Jet Set Radio fans share their own love for (digital) graffiti. Eager fans will get a shot at designing eighteen brand new pieces of in-game art that will be seen by players the world over. Winners will receive a prize pack that includes a Rukus from Etón Corporation – the world’s first Bluetooth sound system with solar power – and a number of other wicked rewards. For contest dates and details on how to participate, visit

As for the HD update of Jet Set Radio, we find ourselves once again cautiously optimistic. Sega released a port of Crazy Taxi on the XBLA and PSN. The port itself was fairly strong, albeit light on new features. The bummer for fans of the original, however, was that the soundtrack had been dropped and re-fit with bogus songs. If the same happens to Jet Set Radio, we might cry.

We loved this game on the Dreamcast, and a big part of that love came from the tunes behind or skating and tagging. They need to return.

[via Sega]