It seems like 2012, even more than previous years, has been the year of the re-release. Every game that’s ever been on a shelf is getting upscaled and released as a collection or a digital download. It’s getting old.

Somehow though, there’s always an exception to trends like this. There’s a million remakes, but this one is okay. As much difficulty as Sega has had with the Sonic series, it hasn’t diminished the reputation or quality of their best titles. When Jet Set Radio was announced back in February, the response was a unanimous cheer, rather than the mixed responses so many other remakes and re-releases receive.

Sega promised a summer release, and a summer release we’re getting. Barely. Sega announced Friday the final release date and price for JSR, and fans ought to be pleased. Taggers new and old can tune in to Professor K on September 18th on PlayStation Network and one day later, September 19th, on Xbox Live. Both releases will cost just $9.99 (or 800MSP), a refreshing change from the trend toward $15 and higher that’s been popular lately.

This is one remake a lot of fans are excited for. Summer can’t end fast enough.

[via SEGA]