Netflix has kept Jessica Jones pretty close to its chest over the past several months. Even the first trailer, which only just came out about a month ago, was a psychedelic fever dream, something nebulous and mysterious that left people guessing as to what the show would be about. If you know nothing about the character, Netflix didn’t really do much to endear her to the public, and I think that has been the goal all along.

My suspicions have been reinforced with a pair of new clips, which continue to keep Jessica Jones mysterious. For example, we still haven’t gotten a good look at her face, which is likely designed so viewers don’t obsess over the character’s looks. I mean, we all know what Krysten Ritter looks like, and we’ve seen promo images that reveal her character’s appearance. But the two new clips are instead designed to give you a sense of her situation and personality. She isn’t your typical Marvel hero—about the opposite of the do-gooder that was Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil).

The first clip takes place in Jones’ filthy apartment, which is covered in trash, clothes and empty booze bottles. She’s obviously a night owl as evidenced by her alarm going off at 3pm, but that could just be the nature of her job as a private investigator. Meanwhile, the second clip implies that Jones just kicked the living hell out of several bar patrons, giving us a small glimpse at her super strength.

In both clips booze is heavily represented, as is her blasé attitude toward whatever it is she’s investigating. It’s clear that whatever tragic event ended her career as a superhero has really affected her psyche, so she’s probably not the most pleasant individual to deal with as the clips show.

Based on what Netflix has shown us, this will be a dark, gritty and emotional look into one of Marvel’s coolest superheroes. Jessica Jones will hit Netflix in its entirety on Nov. 20.