Netflix on Thursday released a trailer for Jessica Jones, which is set to air its third and final season on June 14.

The stakes are high for Jessica Jones this season as the titular character is hunted by a maniac known as Greg Salinger. It's unclear why Salinger has such a fierce vendetta against Jones, but he really wants it to be known that she's not a hero.

In fact, that's the mystery at the heart of this new story, as the trailer's description teases.

"Jessica Jones is not and never will be a hero. Learn the truth on June 14th."

Not only is this the end for Jessica Jones, but it marks the last of Netflix's Marvel shows, which have slowly been cancelled over the past few years. No more Daredevil. No more Luke Cage. No more Iron Fist.

Marvel fans will, however, be treated to all-new shows when Disney+ launches this November, starring characters like Loki, Falcon, and Vision.

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