It seems there are still plenty of mysteries yet to be uncovered regarding Batman v Superman. On the heels of Empire’s big spread on the much anticipated blockbuster, Latino Review has put a rumor out into the universe that’s too juicy to pass up. Sources have seemingly confirmed that Jena Malone will play none other than Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner James Gordon.

Fans of the comics will be quite familiar with Barbara’s exploits, as she has donned a number of different roles in the Batman universe. Latino Review doesn’t say how she will factor into the Batman v Superman story, but one can safely guess that she’ll be playing Oracle, who provides intelligence and other computer-related assistant to Batman. If you played the most recent Batman game, you’ll be very familiar with how important she is.

Of course, she was also Batgirl in the comics, so there’s no telling how she’ll be utilized. We already know Zack Snyder’s Batman will be much different from the one we saw in Christopher Nolan films, so the upcoming film could approach it in any number of ways. My money’s on Oracle, but perhaps she’ll just simply be “Barbara Gordon.”

Batman v Superman is set to hit theaters on March 25, 2016.