Jelly Bean is officially less than a week old, but Android's strong developer community has aggressively been tinkering with Google's new mobile operating system. xda-developers member "asdfzz" has managed to snag the APK file for Jelly Bean's new "Google Ears" sound search feature, which competes directly with popular music listening apps such as Shazam and SoundHound.

Google Ears "listens" to, and can identify, a song that is playing and then allows a user to purchase the track directly from the Google Play store.

Sure this may not be the most exciting feature to port from Jelly Bean, but it appears to be working smoothly with Ice Cream Sandwich devices and doesn't require root access. So, if you feel like drizzling a few Jelly Beans into your Ice Cream Sandwich, hit the source link to grab this freshly extracted APK file.

[via: XDA Developers]