Some billionaire executives pick up hobbies like golf, fishing, buying a sports team, but not Jeff Bezos, he instead goes hunting, hunting for rockets. Jeff Bezos has funded a team to scour the Atlantic Ocean floor in search of rockets.

Wednesday, Bezos posted on his expedition blog the discovery of two massive F-1 engines thought to have propelled the massive Saturn V rockets in to space. While Bezos admits that most of his work was spent aboard the ship’s cabin he credits his team’s hard work for the discovery and recovery.

The discovery and reconnaissance itself was conducted through Remotely Operated Vehicles below 14,000 feet of water. Check out the video of the lurking man-made ocean creatures.

While the find does not confirmed what mission these engines belong to, initial hopes are that these rockets are from the Apollo 11, the mission that brought man to the Moon. It will take awhile for the team to restore the rockets, the team hopes they can confirm any flight information during this process. Bezos hopes the engines can be displayed in the Museum of Flight in Seattle.