Apple OLED TV - Front and Side

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes told an audience on Wednesday that he would like to see an Apple TV come to market saying “I hope they do. I think Apple is a great device company.” Bewkes particularly believes Apple could help improve the TV experience with better “interface and navigation skills.”

Bewkes believes Apple is great at revitalizing a commoditized product into a differentiated market (e.g., iPod, iPhone) and hopes it can do the same with the living room experience.  With better TV interface, Bewkes hopes for increased consumption, especially when it comes to filter and navigating what content to view.

Bewkes may be hinting at information that is privy to C-level entertainment industry executives, maybe his company has been approached by Apple as well.  We’ve been following news of a potential Apple TV for years now and with every new rumor we are disappointed with the lack of an actual product.  Bewkes believes once Apple cracks the TV market, others will soon follow and will result in more competition in the TV market, with multiple TV interfaces.  I imagine this would be like Android-based phones with each manufacture or carrier putting their own skin on it.