Yesterday there was a (slightly amusing) hack on Burger King’s Twitter account in which the hackers decided to rebrand it as McDonalds. We already opined on the risks of using social media for branding (despite the clear benefit), especially if certain security measures aren’t taken into account and followed-up on frequently. Today, Jeep’s Twitter account has been hacked too.


Anonymous is again taking credit for the attack — they also claimed responsibility for the Burger King hack — and altered the head image to say line of cars has been sold to Cadillac.

It’s somewhat humorous on the surface, but there’s a real problem going on here. When a Twitter account is hacked it hits the media, and brand savvy customers, immediately. It’s not the same as hacking a website, which can quickly be taken down, and in the case of Burger King, it resulted in the loss of thousands of followers.