JBL and Google have announced they've worked together to create the Link Bar, a connected soundbar that blends two useful services into one product. The Link Bar ships with Android TV and Google Assistant built-in. You're able to use this soundbar as an all-in-one hub in the living room rather than needing separate devices for home entertainment and a digital assistant.

Aside from being intelligent, the Link Bar also controls your television. It connects via HDMI to give video and audio simultaneously whether that's through Android TV, your TV provider's set-top, or a video game console.

The power of Google Assistant means almost nothing has to be done manually. Just call out commands after "OK Google," and the digital assistant will complete the action or respond aloud.

Google's push into home automation makes the Link Bar so appealing. There are a ton of third-party ecosystems that play nice with Google Assistant, so you can control everything in your home using JBL's soundbar. Everything from turning on/off the TV, switching inputs, playing music, dimming lights, and more is possible.

The price was left out, but JBL and Google both confirmed the Link Bar will be available this fall.

Keep an eye out for similar devices debuting over the summer. Along with announcing JBL's Link Bar, Google reveals it's "the first in a series of hybrids" that are en route.

At I/O 2018 this week, Google will showcase the Link Bar as well as any similar products. We'd expect Android TV to receive some attention during the keynote as well then.