Jaybird has a reputation for making some of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market. The company's first generation Jaybird Bluebuds X built up its reputation and its successor, the X2, was an upgrade that made for near-perfect headphones.

Now, a few years later, Jaybird is back with the X3. There have been rumblings about these headphones for a while, but they were delayed as Jaybird focused on the Freedom. This is an important note because the Jaybird Freedom played a big role in the creation of the X3.

Think of the X3 as a fusion of the Jaybird X2 and Freedom. The design is still reminiscent of the X2—there is no doubt the X2 is the predecessor—but the slimmer design with upgraded build conjures up the Freedom earphones.

The main differences between the X2 and X3 comes to design. The X3 features earbuds that are smaller and don't protrude too much when in the ear. This should eliminate wind drafts that were all too common with the sizable X2. This upgrade came at a cost though. The reason the earbuds were so big in the X2 was because they housed the Micro-USB connector for charging, but that has been moved to the controller, both increasing the size of it and eliminating the convenience of a Micro-USB connector. This design was first introduced in the Freedom earphones but is more annoying that anything.

The X3 now use a proprietary clip to charge through the controller. Although the clip still uses Micro-USB, if you for some reason forget the clip at home you can say goodbye to charging the X3 unless you can get your hands on an extra clip. Good luck with that. This is the biggest downfall of the X3.

One area the X3 is improved over the previous generation is build quality. The base that holds the rubber or proprietary Comply Foam ear tips is now made of aluminum, which feels a lot more premium than the previous plastic base found in the X2. The overall look of the X3 is also much more refined and looks more like the $130 earphones that they are.

The X3 also make use of the support for the Jaybird app. This was also introduced with the Freedom, but sadly doesn't offer support for the X2. You can customize the sounds that come out of the X3 in any way you want. If you want more bass, bump up the bass, and if you want more treble, you can adjust that too.

The Jaybird X3 are the best Bluetooth earphones you can buy right now. Their premium build quality along with lifetime warranty against sweat damage make them versatile and useful. Sure, it has its shortcomings with a questionable charging method, but you can overlook that. At $130, this undercuts any comparable option, and that's before you take into account that the X3 sounds fantastic.

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