Jawbone on Tuesday made its activity tracking Up bracelet much more flexible with an all new API. Now, rather than being limited to Up's own self-contained app ecosystem, the device is now able to share data with other complementary services, including LoseIt!, Maxwell Health, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and more. The ability to exchange data increases the device's usability, and adds more value across the board.

The updated app, version 2.5, is available for iOS only starting today, and allows users to immediately start linking with the aforementioned services. The idea is to make your daily activity data more open and exchangeable across the multiple services you might prefer. That data is then viewable directly in the Up app, and analyzed so you can make better long- and short-term goals.

In addition to Up's new API, Jawbone also announced the acquisition of BodyMedia, a company with technology that can further push the limits of Up's current capabilities. Whereas Up is capable of alerting users to move after prolonged inactivity. BodyMedia's FIT system, which is FDA certified, is designed with more sensors to provide even more data. This, in turn, can help users create even better fitness plans.

Jawbone's Up has become a well-known activity tracker that competes with Nike's FuelBand, and it's getting even more competitive thanks to today's news. It's unclear how the company will use BodyMedia's technology with its own, but the potential for an even deeper experience is there.