Jawbone is preparing to launch two new fitness trackers this week, according to corroborating reports from VentureBeat and The Information. We may soon get a cheaper wearable device from the company along with a new high-end option that features a built-in heartbeat sensor and a fresh design.

The cheaper wearable may cost as little as $50 and will apparently be called MOVE, while the more expensive model could be called the UP3 and retail for $180. Based on its name, the UP3 seems like a clear successor to the Jawbone UP (currently $80) and the UP24 ($130). Meanwhile, the budget-friendly MOVE could be a direct response to increased competition in the fitness tracker market, as every company from Microsoft to Xiaomi now offers a health-focused wearable.

Jawbone is reportedly set to unveil both devices on Wednesday, so we should know the full story very soon. Of course there’s no guarantee the company actually has anything to share, but with the holiday shopping season almost here there’s no better time to announce new gadgets.